Quote of the Day

9 Dec

“Que te importa saber si un pato tiene cinco cabezas.”
–My mother on the value of the internet

When Making Tamales . . .

22 Nov

Tamal fail


Morning view

22 Oct



28 Aug

Some days I put myself in an amazing person’s shoes so I can visualize accomplishing feats of greatness. This week, I imagined myself Serena Williams, until she did the splits and popped right back up.  My mind couldn’t get beyond the pain.

First Impressions

22 Aug

This was one of the first things I saw this morning, it made my Friday a little easier.


The “Fear” Talk

6 Aug

My mother is scared of almost everything, which means I spend a lot of time as an unpaid therapist.
This week’s irrational fear has been ebola.
The rational fear has been heat stroke.
I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s fear will be an otter attack.


Seen on a Walk

7 Jul



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